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And the winner is….

2023 English Language Competition

 After having dealt with multiple years of participating in the Vienna-wide English competition online due to the global pandemic, this year things finally went back to normal, with the competition taking place at the De La Salle school in Strebersdorf. Thanks to the excellent preparation of Professor Marion Deutsch, I was well prepared for facing the first round taking place on February 20th, a preliminary round of sorts, where me and 21 other students from different schools competed to earn our place in the finale the following week. It emulated a written English Matura, with listening and reading comprehensions, as well as a written part, an article. After, there followed a two-hour break in which we, the contestants, got to know each other. We were then paired up randomly with a student from another school and had to discuss an article. After each pair completed the task, the judges deliberated and announced the top ten contestants, one of which was I. 

On the 27th of February, the finale took place at the same school and consisted of an interview with two native speakers, both from the British and American ambassy, as well as a persuasive speech on a randomly assigned topic. There was a live audience, and even three of my classmates were there to watch the event. To make for an interesting viewing experience, the order alternated between interview and speech. Once the other nine finalists and I had concluded our tasks, the judges once again deliberated and, after a short break, announced the placements. I managed to, for the first time at our school, place first at this competition and won.

The entire competition was organised very well and did not feel overwhelmingly competitive in the least. My fellow finalists were all extremely kind and we were all happy for one another. It was an amazing experience and I encourage anyone who enjoys speaking English and wants to hone their skills to compete. 

Maya Gletthofer, 8a


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