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Erasmus+-Meeting in Miskolc, Hungary, Oct 3rd – Oct 7th 2022

Erasmus+ is a once in a lifetime opportunity for cultural exchange, making friends abroad and gaining scientific expertise. The first of the three meetings was held in Miskolc, Hungary. Living in host families gave an insight on a new culture and a different lifestyle. We were glad to be taught typical folk dances, taste traditional dishes and to visit different sights. We shared differences and similarities between Hungary, Poland and Austria on the way of living and the educational system. Debating and group bonding activities gave us the chance to make new friends and exchange opinions and perspectives. We improved our environmental consciousness, by working on group project together, since it affects the youth all over the world. We gained expertise on the topics of zero waste management, circular economy and the pros and cons of bioethanol, which is the scientific main focus. We had discussions, debates, quizzes and an amazing lecture about the topic. The trip to the university of Miskolc showed us the everyday life in a laboratory for bioethanol and helped us gain an understanding for research work. Reflecting on our benefits of the week we discussed the results on the last day. Overall it was a great experience and we were happy to have been part of the project. 

Students participating: Lena Tschakalov, Marie-Sophie Lass, Katharina Posch, Emmi Korisek (all 7c)

Teachers responsible: Peter Kučera, Regina Robanser

Some pictures:


Promenadeweg 3

1230 Wien

 +43 (1) 888 41 58

 +43 (1) 888 41 58-65

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