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Erasmus+-meeting in Miskolc, Hungary

The meeting in Miskolc, Hungary took place from October 16th to October 20th 2023. Working in internationally mixed groups we did a research about the structure of DNA, transcription, translation, electrophoresis and RFLP-mechanism.

Afterwards we presented our results with a Power Point Presentation. The experimental separation of food dye with electrophoresis and the evaluation of the results built an important foundation for the future experiments at the meetings in Vienna and Krakow. A visit to the life-science university with a tour through their laboratories gave us more insight into the different fields of biotechnology.  We participated in a parliamentary style debate about the ethical aspects of genetic engineering. The meeting was completed by an evaluation and reflection of the acquired knowledge and competences.

Different kinds of group activities, trips to the cities of Miskolc and Debrecen provided us with a deeper insight of Hungarian culture. Furthermore, by living in host families we gained a better understanding on everyday life in Hungary.

During the whole project students used English as a working language which enabled us both to improve our communication skills and learn new academic and scientific vocabulary.

We are looking forward to seeing our newfound friends in the meetings in Vienna and Krakow!


Students: Zoé Ollé (5b), Antonia Krupop, Hanna Proksch (both 6a), Rebekka Minkin, Helene Kelemen, Theodor Schroeder, Olivia Nestl-Newman (all 6c)

Teachers: MMag. Regina Robanser, Mag. Jakob Czettel

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Promenadeweg 3

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